Working with me

My naturally curious, calm and intuitive personality helps me to foster a therapeutic space that is warm, non-shaming and compassionate. This provides you with a relational space, where you are free to explore and discover who you really are, while making sense of the experiences that have shaped who you are today.

Whilst I take a “here-and-now” approach in our work, I also hold in mind that many of our childhood and/or past experiences can affect who we are today, often having an impact on how we feel towards ourselves and our outlook on life. For that reason, I integrate exploring your past, as well as more recent experiences, to support you to make sense of where you are today.

Difficult childhood or past experiences or trauma doesn’t necessarily mean abuse or neglect. Simply not feeling secure at any stage in our life, can leave a ripple effect for years to come.

Why choose online therapy?

The world of online therapy exploded during the pandemic, yet it’s been around for far longer than realised and offers many benefits.

  • It fits more easily into your lifestyle: life is busy and demanding so online therapy saves you the additional time of travelling to and from your appointment. This allows you to schedule it in more easily around other commitments.
  • Break down geographical barriers: you may live in a remote location, work in a different location to home or travel a lot. Online sessions mean you can access counselling from wherever you are.
  • Comfort: For many people, being in the comfort of their own space can alleviate some of the stress, anxiety and fear that people have around attending therapy.
  • Connect: Are you looking for a therapist who specialises in a particular skillset? Or find yourself still searching for a therapist who you feel you connect with? Online therapy enables you to access a far wider network of professionals who may be more suited to your needs. Research indicates that relational depth is a key contributor to the success of therapy so this is a key consideration when searching for a therapist.

For online therapy, you will need a strong and secure internet connection, a device with a camera and a quiet space where you feel safe and comfortable without fear of being overheard or disrupted. This will allow you to fully engage in the session.