Hello, I’m Laurie

I’m a BACP accredited therapist and supervisor based on the South Coast in Dorset. 

Before training as a therapist, I spent almost a decade working in Human Resources in both the private sector and NHS. A combination of grief, work-related stress, burnout and a general feeling of unhappiness, led me to seek therapy for the first time and I found the experience transformative.

While I originally went to therapy to process the experience of losing a parent in my early 20s, having a space where I was heard, validated and seen as the real me, I was supported in other areas of my life too. This allowed me to really listen to myself and start paying attention to my own needs, what I wanted from life and what was holding me back. As I began to see my limiting beliefs for what they really were, I finally had space in my life to figure out what I wanted to change. It was from building this new foundation that I finally retrained as a Counsellor – my teenage-self’s dream! 

Once qualified, I opened my online Private Practice (formerly known as The Curiously Kind Counsellor) and went on to do further study, which provided me with the opportunity to undertake significant research into the effects of grief & loss.

While my formal training, ongoing CPD, research and professional experiences inform my work, so does my experience of being human.