Life can often present us with many struggles and challenges, with recent or past events leaving us feeling overwhelmed, stuck, anxious, depressed or with a general feeling of being unhappy.

Navigating this alone can be difficult and well-meaning advice from family and friends, can drown out our own voice and take us away from own innate knowing.

Feeling heard and understood can be an empowering experience and together, we can support you to:

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and overwhelm;
  • Increase self-awareness and your understanding of the root cause of your current difficulties;
  • Help you to make sense of your experiences;
  • Develop and increase your capacity for self-compassion;
  • Find and/or regain a sense of ownership over your life;
  • Reconnect you with yourself, your voice and your needs;
  • Find confidence in who you truly are.