Reflective Practice

As a Clinical Supervisor-in training, I offer reflective supervision that provides you with a space to collaboratively explore, reflect and get curious about what’s happening in your work with your clients. This ensures you can continue providing a valuable therapeutic space, whilst maintaining your own wellbeing.

I’m trained in the seven-eyed model of supervision, which allows us to consider all of the relationships that occur between client-counsellor-supervisor and how this can impact on the therapeutic process. As an integrative/eclectic counsellor, I embrace the diversity of counselling modalities and ways of working with clients; including, honing our abilities to connect with and trust our intuition in our work. I also love a bit of creativity and adore metaphor work so can help you to integrate this into both your client work and/or supervision space if you like to work “outside of the box”.

Similarly, to my counselling practice, I aim to provide a supervisory space that is relational, socially-informed and non-shaming. The weight of our client work can be heavy and having a supervisory space where we can speak openly and honestly, can help us to see our work from a different perspective, find some breathing space and ensure we are taking care of ourselves too.

I believe supervision to be a dynamic and changing-space as you grow and develop as a practitioner and I aim to tailor our space together to suit your needs.

I work exclusively-online, having built a successful private practice working remotely and I can share this knowledge with you, to support you with incorporating online and telephone work into your practice.

Having experienced poor supervision in the past, I am all too aware of the devastating impact this can have on our professional identity and self-confidence and the knock-on impact this can have on our client work. It is for this reason that bringing our experiences of being human, gentle challenge and humour all feature as part of the supervision process with me.

If you’re an introverted therapist and/or HSP and struggle with balancing your emotional capacity with business need, I can also support you to find new or different ways of working that allow you to thrive in your practice.